The 50th Year Anniversary of the Production of Toyota Malaysia

UMW Toyota today celebrated the 50th year anniversary of local production in Malaysia: Toyota Malaysia at the new manufacturer located in Klang Bukit Raja, Selangor.

The Toyota Corolla KE10 is the first Toyota car produced in Malaysia. The championship car factory in Shah Alam has stopped producing this model since 1968. But two years later, the KE10 was launched in Japan. In 1975, Champion Motor changed its name to Assembly Services Sdn Bhd (ASSB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd. Its production facilities reached the first milestone of 300,000 Toyotas manufactured in 1990.

For a decade, half a million Toyota cars were proudly manufactured in Malaysia, and the firm reached a milestone of 1 million in 2011. By 2016, ASSB started constructing new Bukit Raja plant and launched the first car, a modification of the Toyota Vios on January 10, 2019.

With an initial investment of RM2 billion, Bukit Raja's new plant is one of Malaysia's most front-end automotive plants with high levels of automation (45% automation), energy saving, technology-driven and a people-oriented environment.

The new plant has a solar production capacity of up to 2 MW, rainwater recycling, a bright and ventilated working environment, and LED and natural lighting with a high roof design. With the Kaizen spirit of continuous improvement, the assembly line has flexible settings to quickly adapt to new features and models in the future.

The new Bukit Raja plant’s position is to produce passenger cars and new Yaris and Vios are currently being assembled, while the company's Shah Alam plant will care about vehicles for commercial use such as Hilux, Fortuner, Innova and Hiace.

Currently, there is only one shift at the Shah Alam plant, with an annual production capacity of 38,000 vehicles. The Bukit Raja plant has a high level of automation and two shift operations, with a maximum capacity of 50,000 per year.

On the celebrating anniversary, UMW Toyota executive director also give a general introduction of the all-new Toyota Corolla. The twelfth generation of the new Toyota Corolla was officially launched in Malaysia last week. The new Corolla released by the original factory has only two grades in Malaysia, and it is a pure gasoline version equipped with 1.8LDualVVTi engine. The entry-level 1.6 seen in Thailand Neither the L engine nor the 1.8L Hybrid version was released.

This Corolla has been camouflaged in many important details, including its front and rear license plate frames. The wording of the original intentionally covering the license plate frame with stickers is probably the word of UMW Toyota not to be seen, and the rear Part of the body plate is also covered, including the Toyota logo on the rear and wheels. In addition to these, the original factory also deliberately covered the front and rear bumpers with black stickers, but they missed a very important point, that is, the factory logo and headlight set.

Additionally, its headlights also have a light blue line. Besides, this Corolla's fender also has a protruding part covered by a white sticker. The Corolla Hybrid in Thailand is equipped with a 1.8L Atkinson cycle engine with a maximum horsepower of 98 horsepower and a maximum torque of 142Nm. In addition to a set of electric motors that can output 72 horsepower and 122Nm torque, the combined horsepower output reaches 122 horsepower. In addition, Corolla Hybrid in this set of photos is also equipped with TSS active safety protection system. This system includes automatic brake assist, active following, blind spot detection, rear lateral traffic warning and lane departure warning system. It is expected to arrive. Malaysia ’s 1.8 Hybrid rating will be higher than the existing 1.8G.

Of course, the appearance of this model, one of Toyota Malaysia, does not necessarily mean that a Hybrid version of Corolla will be introduced. It may just be tested in Malaysia and tested for water temperature. In any case, if Corolla Hybrid can be introduced in Malaysia and assembled in Malaysia, keeping its price at 1.8G or even lower, then Corolla Hybrid will be very competitive. In particular, the RON95 oil price in some regions will fluctuate internationally next year. Both Civic and Mazda 3 do not have Hybrid versions, I believe it will be very attractive!