A Story of a Great Brand: MAZDA

Mazda = The reviver of Roadsters

We always hear someone say that even the smallest projects can make a difference, provided you grow in the right soil. Actually, no one says those words, but now you could say that. Back to today’s topic – something about Mazda. We get started with the story of a big company.

Once upon a time, there was a man (a Japanese man) by the name of Jujiro Matsuda who decided to give birth to a factory producing plugs. In 1920. In Hiroshima. The factory rolled its hump for a while. In 1930, for an unknown reason which must certainly draw its logic from the economy, Jujiro Matsuda turned to the construction of cars.

The first models to come out of the Toyo Kogyo Co. Ltd assembly line (the name of the company at the time) were actually three-wheelers. For thirty years, the factory dedicated itself to the creation of this type of vehicle and business was going well. At least until 1945.

Hiroshima's atomic bomb

Unfortunately, Jujiro Matsuda's business was growing against the background of World War II and in 1945, an atomic bomb came to pulverize the city of Hiroshima. The event, of an unnamed horror and whose scars will remain open forever, spared the Toyo Kogyo. Suddenly, the factory became the heart of the reconstruction of Hiroshima and the economic springboard on which the city relied to bounce back.

A rotary engine and tourist vehicles

In spite of everything, life followed the thread of days. In 1950, the Japanese manufacturer innovated by putting on the market cars equipped with a rotary engine. Then, calmly, the wind blew in the manufacturer's sails and it was on the rise that the Toyo Kogyo took a new direction of production and began to produce (in 1960) its first tourist vehicles.

Exported to China and India, Matsuda models were very successful with consumers. So much so, in fact, that the business kept growing.

From Toyo Kogyo to Mazda

It was also this year (1960) that the company Toyo Kogyo changed its name. From now on, and until today, the Hiroshima car manufacturer will bear the name Mazda. One version of the story says that Mazda owes its name to a phonological derivative of Matsuda, while the other version tells us that the company owes its identity to Ahura Mazda who would be, by the way, the God of Wisdom, intelligence and harmony. Impossible to know where the truth lies … unless it is in the middle. Like always. Or almost.

Mazda revives the Roadster

Year after year, Mazda has reinvented itself to stay at the top. That is true! You just have to take the Roadsters to convince yourself: In 1980, when the convertibles had deserted planet Earth and their heyday seemed to be forever dead, Mazda resuscitated them by giving birth to the Roadster Sport. Here!

Mazda, one of the largest employers in western Japan

Today, Mazda is one of the major players in the automotive industry and turns out to be one of the largest employers in West Japan with * 21,747 employees. If the company has experienced such growth in recent decades, it may be a little because it is inspired by the Kansei philosophy.

The thinking pattern considers human ideas, feelings and emotions. Who knows! But we know that In any case, Mazda sends out its items to 151 nations and its overall creation of units sold is over * 40 million. He succeeded and Mazda achieved success.