Nissan and its history

In the 1920s, NISSAN MOTORS came to us. The band went through several ups and downs before getting to today’s reputation.
Dates back to the 1911s, the history of "Nissan" begins. At first, "Datsun" was the name given to the company and it was not until 1934 that NISSAN Motors entered the automotive market. The first car from the brand was designed in 1914: the DAT.

At first, the firm could not master automobile construction, so it embarked on the construction of trucks, following the merger of DAT with another company in 1926. In 1931, NISSAN MOTORS was even a subsidiary of TOBAGO IMONO CO, and it has returned to the production of small cars, the DATSON. Literally translated as: "the son of DAT", which was then replaced by DATSUN.

The new range is expanding and the result was quite satisfactory. Also, a factory was established in Yokohama and thus, exports multiplied towards Asia and South America. From 1952, the brand underwent several changes in style: English first then Japanese thereafter. The brand's success only began in 1966 when it was merged with Prince Motors which aimed to globalize it. Factories were then established in Canada, with the sale of 1,200 vehicles in the first years, accompanied by the opening of 2 regional offices the following year.

From this merger with Prince Motors was born the Bluebird in 1967, reserved for the American market. But, in 1970, the fuel crisis increased demand, given the reputation of the brand as a producer of economical cars. Nissan, therefore, held second place to the Japanese automaker behind Toyota.

In 1980, the manufacturer began to diversify its range. So after the Bluebird, many other models have been designed. And despite Nissan being the brand's new name since 1934, DATSUN was still kept. It is for this reason that cars from this name have been put on the market both inside and outside the country. Later, Nissan invested in mini-cars like the Be One, exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1985. His alliance with RENAULT in 1999 was his lifeline because of his debt to want to be on top of technology. Currently, Nissan has become the 4th largest manufacturer in the world.

When referring to the most recent models built are the 300 ZX, the Maxima, the Infinity Q45, the Presea, the Skyline, and the Leopard. What about the most popular model of the brand? It is the NISSAN MURANO. And others like the Nissan Patrol, the Navara, and the Terrano were very successful when published. Recent days also witnessed many great models. It’s worthwhile to take a look.