The Arrival of Toyota Rush Stirs Up the Domestic Market

What do you think of when it comes to Toyota? Japan! joint venture! Highlander! RAV4! Yes, these are basically some of Toyota's inherent labels! Now Toyota gets a new label-the cheapest Toyota SUV. This actually stems from Toyota's launch of a large-sized SUV, the Toyota Rush. This Toyota Rush sells for about 100,000 yuan, but it does not lose the size of the RAV4. Although it has not yet entered the Chinese market, it is eye-catching. Let's see what makes this so-called "cheapest Toyota SUV" special!

As we all know, Malaysian highlight the value of family. In the Malaysian view, kids is the crux of family life blessings. Therefore, it’s common that there’re more than 5 members in a family. With the increase in family members, five-seater SUVs often have difficulty supporting the travel needs of the entire family. At present, the seven-seat SUVs of about RM100,000 are dominated by domestic cars, and the seven-seat SUVs of the 100,000-level joint venture brand are basically absent. If a seven-seat SUV with a price of 100,000 such as Toyota Rush enters the domestic market, it is like a tiger entering a flock, which will inevitably set off a "bloom". 

Toyota Rush is positioned as a compact SUV, and its main audience is civilians with many family members. So this Toyota Rush chose to go on sale in Southeast Asia in 18 years. I have to say that the positioning of Toyota Rush is still very clear. Thus Toyota aims at the Malaysian market. 

From the appearance and shape, Toyota Rush is very individual. The grille is equipped with banner-type decorative strips and merges with the headlights. The bumper is equipped with circular fog lights on both sides and black trim around it. The car as a whole looks relatively simple and stylish. The appearance still has a little SUV tough-guy style. The overall appearance design is a bit similar to the RAV4. Although not outstanding, it is very durable. 

In terms of size, the body length is 4435/1695 / 1705mm, the wheelbase has reached 2685mm, and the wheelbase of RAV4 is only 2mm. The 7-seater design has no problem in meeting the daily household, but the trunk space is not very spacious. This is the case with 7-seater SUVs like this, and the third-row seat can only play an emergency role, after all, fish and bear's paw can't have both. 

The design of the Rush on the interior is also relatively simple and generous. After all, it is a cheap model. Don't pursue too much sense of grade and technology. The use of black and white is a common match for this class of models, and the home atmosphere is very strong. The material used is also a relatively cost-effective hard plastic. Multifunctional steering wheel, large central control screen, these are the basic configurations. In terms of seat layout, the 7-seat version should be a big highlight. After all, at around 100,000, there is no joint venture 7-seater SUV yet. 

In terms of power, Toyota Rush only has a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine. The transmission is matched with a 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. Of course, due to the positioning, it will not be equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, which is reasonable. 

This so-called "Toyota's cheapest SUV" has not yet been listed in the country, and its overseas price is about 120,000 yuan. If the domestic market is introduced, and the price does not change much, it should be the cheapest SUV sold by Toyota. If introduced domestically, with its seven-seater design and cheap price, it will definitely become a popular model. After all, the Toyota logo has attracted a lot of fans. After reading the details of this car, have you been tempted? I believe this Toyota Rush, which does not lose the size of RAV4, will definitely excite you.