[Answered] How to do both study and car financing at the same time?

Getting through then education loans is already a toll, let alone finance a car. However, being able to drive a car is not only important in later life, it is also inevitable. So even though you survive the driving test, doesn't mean that it's easy to pull through the car financing.

How do you actually finance a driver's license?

Many save their driver's license through mini-jobs alongside their studies, such as babysitting, waiters or at the cash register of the nearest supermarket. 

But there are other ways to finance your driver's license and your studies at the same time. In addition to traditional student finance, there is also the student loan or the Brain Capital education fund. This monthly injection of money makes it much easier to finance your driver's license. 

What's so complicated about student/car financing?

Although currently millions of students in the world could actually apply for student finance, there are only just under 60% who actually receive it. 

How can that be? Prejudices about the the application (background checking) are well known, but also the big problem that the application is simply too complicated, long and prone to errors. In the end it doesn't hurt the the funding party, it hurts you! Because although you may also be one of those who can apply for the fund and receive money, money is running out. 

So that you are not one of the sufferers, you can find out in just a few minutes with the help of your study/car finance whether you are entitled to the fund at all and how much money you can count on every month! 

You have to take care of the financing of your studies and life all of a sudden, but you still don't know what to expect? Finances are actually complicated and you are not sure what options there are for you? 

This is when you should do the finance properly!

You will definitely find the necessary support with your study/car financing! You will find out what it costs to live in a new city and after answering a few simple questions you will already know which forms of financing you could use. So that you can really plan exactly, you can use the loan calculator to find out how high your possible rate would be! 

And because the topics around financing, student/car loan is already complicated enough, it will be a relief to know that there's an expert from your study financing at your side! Once you have answered all the questions all you have to do is sign it online and your applications will even be submitted for you! So that the application is also correct, you will receive an overview beforehand of the additional evidence that is still required. 

After you have uploaded them online, they will of course also be checked. And if the rate is not sufficient, you can apply for the student/car loan and the fund with just a few clicks. In any case, this is a great hurdle on the way to growing up and becoming self-employed! they will of course also be checked. 

Above all, the personal service at eye level and the quick answering of questions is what you should do with your study financing plan. Even if there is a more complicated case or the fund committee poses great challenges for you again, nobody is on their own! Now what you need to worry about is not how to finance a car, but with whom you can do it effectively.