Desperate looking for truck drivers? What happened? (2)

In the last chapter, we have discussed what cause the lack of truck drivers in the industry. But what’s the reason behind it? And does this means the government are just ignorant about the problem?

Actually, associations and politicians have done a lot in recent years to improve the working conditions of truck drivers. After negotiations with the departments, wages will rise by six percent in 2019 and four percent in 2020. The typical starting wage is around 1,800 dollars gross, plus expenses – and they are not a small item in the job. A driver with several years of professional experience can easily earn double. The youngsters can also count on cash bonuses and health offers. 

Many employers in the logistics industry have understood that they can only bring apprentices into the company with attractive offers. And that's not the salary alone. For example, many logistics companies offer to reimburse you for the cost of the truck driver's license. The infrastructure at rest areas and parking lots which is often criticized by the drivers, should also be examined closely. The Ministry of Transport is already working on a forecast of how many parking spaces for articulated lorries will have to be available by 2030.

Infrastructure improvements

It's of little use if the road conditions remain as they are today. And traffic is collapsing in many places. If you commute to work, go to university or school by car and live in a metropolitan area, you can probably sing a song about it – and not a happy one. Traffic jams wherever you look. 

This is just as annoying for the truck driver and can cost a lot of money for the company he is driving for. Remedial measures should be taken. In any case, this calls for a union of 17 associations from trade, logistics and industry from the Federal Ministry of Transport. This should create more parking spaces for trucks and construction sites, one of the most common reasons for traffic jams on highways,

What the future can bring

Many other measures are possible in the future. It's expected that talented and motivated drivers who have so far failed due to the language barrier could be addressed more. It also couldn't hurt to outsource some of the training modules to further training. This simplifies teaching and streamlines the content. Not every driver needs knowledge for the transport of dangerous goods. Optionally, these can be taught as further training.

Become a truck driver: there are these ways

The job description of the truck driver is diverse. You can be used in your region or for long-distance journeys, especially deliveries and be on the go with a small van or transport dangerous goods with the articulated lorry. This makes training as a professional driver attractive to many – after all, the job description is not fixed and you are relatively flexible in your job choice.

You do not officially need a specific school qualification for training as a professional driver. Many companies like to see you have at least a secondary school leaving certificate. The retraining is possible if you have previously completed another training and for certain reasons can no longer work in your profession. 

Finally, direct approval can be granted if you can demonstrate that you have driven a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of at least 3.5 tons for at least five years.

What is the license category for truck drivers?

You can make different truck driving licenses . Here you will find an overview of which class entitles you to control which vehicle.

Class C : vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of 3,500 kg (3.5 tons) and a maximum of eight seats

Class C1 : vehicles with up to eight seats and trailers with a maximum permissible total weight of 7,500 kg (7.5 tons)

Class C1E : Vehicles with semitrailer and trailer with a total weight of more than 3,500 kg and a maximum permissible total weight of 12,000 kg (12 tons) (old class BE)

class CE: Class C towing vehicles and vehicles with trailers or semi-trailers with a permissible total weight of 750 kg. Minimum age: 21 years. Issued for a maximum of five years, then after health checks.

And just in case some may still hesitate that this would cost them “some”, the department also prompts to cover the costs of the driver's license. It’s safe to say, therefore, the industry will get the truck driver’s vacancy filled up in few years.