Which driving school should you opt for: online or traditional? (1)

It's very important to get yourself informed about the prices and conditions before booking a driving school or arranging with the coach. Why?

First and the every-time-ish topic: Money. The budget often plays a big role for young people and they want to save as much money as possible. 

In this context, online courses for the driving school are sometimes offered, which can be completed for the theoretical part. Is it worth it or is a local driving school the better solution?

Wouldn't it be difficult to learn online without actually driving?

In a classic driving school, students are supervised by a lecturer who conveys the content live. He explains the relevant topics clearly and, thanks to his experience, is often able to incorporate small anecdotes. 

This enlivens the class and helps to better understand the content. If you have not understood a certain issue correctly, you can ask the teacher directly. This way, important questions do not go under and are resolved promptly. 

For example, it may be that the texts in the teaching materials are not entirely clear or it is difficult to imagine a particular situation. In such cases, the teacher will go into more detail and maybe provide suitable examples that facilitate understanding.

In an online course, the aspects are practically completely missing. 

Depending on the model, it is possible to ask questions, but the answer may be delayed. This may confuse the whole process or important basic facts are missing, which are necessary for the further structure of the class.

 In the direct course on site, the lecturer can also act in a praising or encouraging manner if a student has found a very good answer. This makes learning more fun and the questions are easier to remember. Online courses are rather impersonal and usually do not give detailed feedback.

Students and teachers interact permanently in a course on site. Questions are discussed that arise on related topics. These little debauchery make the lessons lively and interesting and support the learning process immensely. They can also provide relevant information that is not in any textbook.

Any good in choosing Online Drivign Courses?

During a driving course online, there is a lively exchange with other learner drivers. They ask questions that you might not have thought of yourself. 

In this way, discussions are held that contribute to a deeper understanding of the matter. Some aspects might be missed completely if not one of the classmates would go into them. In direct discussions after class or during breaks, you can also deepen the learning material again. 

Sometimes it helps to repeat certain facts in other words so that you can understand them better. You can play situations alive or discuss the routes in the area that are known to everyone.

When the practical part of the driving school begins, the exchange with other learner drivers is very helpful. 

They tell what it feels like to drive and give each other tips about which mistakes occur most often.

Through an online course, all of these aspects are completely missing. You sit alone in front of your PC and have to work through the questions. This can be boring and it is easy to misunderstand or ignore some facts.

Will I get the support as it should be from the online courses?

Those who are not used to learning independently will find it difficult to take an online course. Here you have to keep to the times and work actively. 

No one is there to motivate the students or make a little joke to cheer them up when they seem tired. Many people learn more easily in a group if others are also dealing with the same topic and a teacher is available as a contact person.

By attending a driving school on site, you enter a different room than the home office. There are no distractions such as books, television or the game console here and you can concentrate on the lessons in peace and quiet. This means that the learning tasks can be completed quickly and then you have your head free for other topics.

Would it be any easier to study driving online?

If you visit a driving school on site that is close to your own apartment, you know your way around. The driving instructor also knows the local conditions and can deal with them in class. For example, is there a dangerous intersection where it's tricky to decide the right of way? 

In which areas do you have to take special care of children and where is the view restricted? Using examples from the surrounding area, the driving instructor can convey many important topics better and the students understand well what he wants to explain with his explanations.

Local knowledge is a great help in practical driving exercises. If you need less attention to get your bearings, you have more capacity to concentrate on the driving process itself.

In the next chapter, we will getting into the details of what’s the pros and cons of the online driving courses. And whether it’s the choose best for you.