Which driving school should you opt for: online or traditional? (2)

In the last article, we talked about what’s the online driving courses like and what can you get from it in comparison with the traditional one. And this time, we are going to list out all the YES and NO for those who struggle with the question.

Pros & Cons of online driving courses?

Advantages of an online school

In an online driver's license exam course, you can sit comfortably at home and do all tasks on your PC. You can freely choose the time in which the tasks are done. All you need is an internet connection. These advantages speak for themselves if you have a busy schedule or live in a remote area. So there is no need to go to class by bus or train. You can use a free lesson to learn and simply log into the system if you have time.

Anyone who likes self-taught learning and copes well with it will benefit from an online course. You can learn without distraction from other classmates and work through the tasks quickly. This is ideal for fast learners, for example, but also for very slow learners. You don't have to adapt to the pace of the class, you can progress at your own pace. Additional resources from the web or videos can complement the lessons.

Learning at home saves on ways to attend a face-to-face course, which can cost time and money. You don't have to buy an extra ticket or ask someone to drive you to go to the driving school. In Germany, online exams for driving licenses are currently not allowed. This practice is currently only allowed in the United States and France.

In summary the advantages:

– possible from home

– Saving of travel time

– no travel expenses to class

– flexible

Disadvantages of online courses

Online courses for driving licenses are currently only allowed in Germany as a supplement to the actual lessons. You can use it as additional training. Some driving schools offer apps or programs as learning support. The exams and the actual lessons are still held on site.

Since the online courses are not regulated and supervised by the state, there can be strong fluctuations in quality. A driving license course takes an average of about 4 weeks to carefully convey all content. With an online course, the students do not have to stick to a schedule, but can go as they please. As a result, the entire learning time is often drawn out excessively. What you have learned at the beginning is sometimes forgotten before the course ends. If the course is not completed, the money paid for it has been spent free of charge.

– Summary of disadvantages of the online course:

– no direct contact

– no standardized teaching materials

– not a fixed schedule

– no online examination possible in Germany

Which solution is cheaper?

Online lessons and local lessons don't take much here. If you choose your driving school carefully and prepare well for the topics, you can also save costs in a conventional driving school. For example, it costs extra fees each time an exam is failed and has to be repeated. 

No further lessons are required for the theoretical examination. Before a second practical test you have to take additional driving lessons to train better.

There are a number of training programs that can be used to practice. They help to better internalize the questions about the driving license test. 

These exercise programs are not only suitable for newcomers. If you have lost your driver's license and therefore have to take a new exam, you can practice here beforehand and thus reduce the costs of the new exam.

What is the success rate of online courses and traditional driving schools in averge?

The average driver's success rate at traditional driving schools was 57% – well over the average Half of the people tested passed the test for the driver's license. 

During the same period, people could register for the exam who only completed the course via an online course. Only about 30 to 35% of these people passed the test. That is only half of the success rate that is achieved in traditional driving schools.

The reasons for the high failure rates could be due to a lack of practical preparation, the lack of feedback or the lack of guided and structured instruction. Perhaps many of the learner drivers also believed that they had prepared well enough and did not carry out the intensive test tasks that are common in the lessons of a conventional driving school. 

In the opinion of saving money and time, they learned too little and went into the exam poorly prepared. This shows that an online course is clearly at a disadvantage compared to on-site classes.

A failed exam creates additional costs for further classes, a new exam and takes time. If you want to pass your driving test quickly and successfully, you are well advised to use a conventional driving school.

All in all, a conventional driving school is recommended.

Yes, online driving courses might cost you less than a conventional one. But it's obvious that even you are getting the same support and feedback from the community, you are not gonna go thro the actual practises as a traditional courses will. 

And what that means is that you are in a fat chance of getting in your nerve while taking the examination and ending up taking in other test. And in the end spend more on it counting the total amount of time and efforts you spent.