Wonder why you will fail the Driver’s license test? Read this!

Based on the Department of Transportation, the success rate of getting a driver's license, especially for the car driver's license for last year (2019), is just 62 percent for the theory test and 70 percent for the practical test. In other words, 38 percent of all license applicants fail the theoretical part and 30 percent in the practical part of the exam.

What does that mean to you? Based on the data shown above, almost every third learner driver has to repeat the legally required driver's license test. So you might be the next one who being stumbled into the nightmare of driving test 

Although the exam conditions and content are the same across the country, the failure rates in the theoretical exam differ from state to state. In Hesse, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, license applicants are most successful (failure rates below 40 percent). In countries like Germany, French, Norway and Japan, the failure rate is more than 40 percent. In the practical test, Neverland can convince with a success rate of 80 percent.

What are the reasons for the higher NO-GO rates?

Which aspects are responsible for the high NO-GO rates is unclear. Digitalization has changed our lives from the ground up. In the meantime, prospective drivers are learning online or directly using so-called theory learning apps. 

There is currently no direct comparison between driving students learning online and offline. 

One reason could be the increasingly complex traffic in the metropolitan areas. While smartphones and co. Were used by young passengers to follow road traffic, it is becoming increasingly apparent these days that they are more concerned with their smartphones while driving. 

As I said, however, there are no statistics available to confirm or refute the presumptions. However, age is irrelevant to the test-no-pass rate. Driving license applicants who learn to drive at the age of 17 are not significant in the statistics. 

The  Highway Research Institute would hence like to take a closer look at the numbers recorded and examine them.

Driver's license test: success rate?

Why this matters? Time is money, isn't it? The driver's license is associated with higher costs and is not paid with a small allowance. Many combine long and detailed driver license training with high costs. A sound apprenticeship – regardless of the aspect – also takes time accordingly. Holiday or intensive courses entice you to get your driver's license in no time. But not every candidate is able to implement what they have learned in a short time. Another problem can be your own overestimation. The learner driver does not have to accept well-intentioned advice from the driving instructor, but only take the compulsory trips in addition to the theoretical courses. Then he can register for the respective exams. For example, if the driving instructor advises you to take 2-3 hours more driving (optional), then the student thinks directly about the costs involved. The fact that a re-examination can even be expensive is often neglected.

In a nutshell

It is not yet known why the rates of driving test failure increase from year to year. Competent authorities want to bring light and darkness to us with tests and other statistical surveys. We can look forward to the figures for 2018 and the following years. Likewise on approaches.

Here we have made it our goal to support driving instructors and learner students with the development of our theory app and our driving instructor software, simply to teach and learn to drive better.

And if you are looking for a suitable driving school in your city or region? Remember to get the right one and don't in a rush. There many driving school agencies is looking forward to you. But only few will actually work for you. So always be careful on that!