Cleaner cabin filter, Fresher air in your car

Car owners may know the fact that cars usually apply diverse filters to offer optimal performance and keep the car in a  healthy condition. When it refers to car maintenance, engine oil, transmission oil and the engine air filter are best known to everyone. But, we should never overlook the importance of keeping the cabin filter clea.

Sometimes called a pollen filter, a cabin filter is relatively new since it appeared in most cars in the early 2000s. It allows the driver and passengers to breathe quality air by filtering out impurities and dust that otherwise would get inside the car.

Concretely, when the fan is activated, the system will draw its air directly outside. The cabin filter then cleans the air drawn in by the fan and retains contaminants and unwanted particles such as dust and pollen. 

For everyone's well-being and health, this filter should be checked at least a few times a year (ideally at each oil change) and be replaced if necessary (cost: between $30 and $60). It is generally found behind the glove compartment, more precisely at the entrance to the heater box. In most cases, a small hatch under the dashboard is specially designed for quick access. Otherwise, it can be located under the hood, at the base of the windshield.

Please note: as with many other parts of the vehicle, your driving and road conditions have a great influence on the performance and lifespan of the cabin filter. For example, you will need to replace it more frequently if you drive often on dusty roads or in heavy traffic, where the air is very polluted.

In rare cases, a cabin filter in poor condition can cause bad odors in the ventilation and air conditioning system. If you notice foul odors when you start the passenger compartment fan, this could be a good indication that it's time to replace it.

Think about it! It is true that coronavirus prevails over the world. But whether coronavirus or not, pollen and dust can be found everywhere, especially in the coming spring. And what can we do is to clean the cabin filter and breathe the fresher air.